Friday, December 15, 2006

7 Days Left: Friday

The Exchange Bank in Atchison, 12/15.
The management team at McDonalds in Atchison, 12/15.
A lucky T-shirt winner out of Hiawatha.
Vic Walther and the boys from KNZA 103.9 enjoying McSkillets at the Hiawatha Radio Remote. Thanks Brad you really made it fun. 12/15
Our friends at the Hiawatha McDonalds. 12/15.
Mike and the McSkillet welcomed with open arms. 12/15.
The first winner of the McSkillet Toss. 12/15.
Our veteran McSkillet Tosser. 12/15.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

How the time flies!

Even Raven fans are lovin it.12/10 @ Arrowhead
The burrito that bites back.12/4 @ Richmond
12/9 with Action Jackson and Magic 107.3 @ the Eastwood Traffiway Mcdonalds.
Hanging with husker fans in Maryville, MO on 12/8 with 97 the Vill.