Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday. Only one more day untill the end of The KC Mcskillet Burrito Tour. :-(

The guys at the Blue Springs Fire Department could not get enough of the burritos or the Mcskillet Mobile. 12/21
3 of Blue Springs Finest posing witht the Mcskillet Mobile.
The Blue Springs Fireman had a hunger this morning only a Mcskillet could satisfy. 12/21

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday: Independence and KCMO visits

Katie gives out samples of the McSkillet Burrito at the Independence McDonalds. 12/20 Everyone loves Dr. Pepper T-shirts at the Independence McDonald's! 12/20 A loyal customer enjoys his McSkillet Burrito at Indepedence McDonald's. 12/20
KCMO McDonald's employees are hot for the McSkillet! 12/20 Remote with 96.5 The Buzz at KCMO McDonald's on Front Street. 12/20

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday. 4 Days and counting till the end of the KC Tour. :-(

Katie liked Paola so much she wanted to take a picture next to a sign. 12/19

Celebrating a birthday and getting free coupons these girls from Paola show all smiles. 12/19

Ronald signs more autographs for his adoring fans at this stop in Paola. 12/19

These kids are flocking to Ronald in Paola. 12/19

Katie i think that we should go to Citzens bank in Paola. 12/19

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday: Only 5 Days Remaining

We stopped at the 103rd St. McDonalds and also the Belton McDonalds. 12/18
Yeah, It's Really Him! Belton McDonalds, 12/18
Tamara and the Belton Store Manager pose with the Big Man Himself. Belton, 12/18
We also stopped by the Home Depot in Belton and passed out some free burrito coupons. 12/18