Friday, June 30, 2006

McSkillet Takes on Beatrice

The McSkillet tour made its way to Beatrice, NE on Friday, June 30. Stops included the City of Beatrice Public Works Street Department, and a live radio remote with Beatrice Radio station, KWBE. A happy (and hungry) member of the Beatrice Public Works Street Department dives in on the free McSkillets. Pam and Randy, DJ's for KWBE bite into their first McSkillets at the live radio remote. After the first taste, Pam exclaimed, "This thing is AWESOME. It's enough to feed the whole family." Two employees at the Beatrice McDonalds pose with the Burrito Mobile.

Audio Files from Live Remote with Froggy 98.1

Here are some of the audio clips from Froggy 98.1's Live Remote publicizing the McSkillet Burrito Tour. Enjoy!
  • Froggy 98.1 Live Remote Clip 1

  • Froggy 98.1 Live Remote Clip 2

  • Froggy 98.1 Live Remote Clip 3

  • Froggy 98.1 Live Remote Clip 4

  • Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Live Remote at the 345 W. O St. McDonald's

    The McSkillet Burrito Tour finished the Lincoln round of visits today with a live radio remote with KFGE 98.1 (Froggy 98). Froggy 98 afternoon DJ, James Pond, joined the tour and enthusiastically gave his thoughts on the new breakfast breakthrough saying, "This is really good." Following the remote, the McSkillet Burrito Mobile headed to JJ's Auto and then onto Cather and Son's Construction.

    Mike, an asphalt contractor from Cather and Son's Construction, takes a break to taste the McSkillet Burrito.

    Another happy McDonald's customer with the Burrito girls.

    Froggy 98.1 DJ, James Pond, taking a big bite out of his McSkillet Burrito.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    McDonald's New McSkillet Burrito

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Ronald with the Morning DJ's at 102.7 - Lincoln, NE

    Tour Stop at the Broadcast House - Lincoln, NE

    Crew Members from the 27th and Vine McDonald's - Lincoln, NE

    The Crew at the 1026 Saunders McDonald's - Lincoln, NE

    Tour Stop at Station KLKN in Lincoln, NE

    More Team Members with the McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Meyers Carlisle Crew at the Peels Warehouse Site - Omaha, NE

    A Young Construction Worker Loving Every Bite of His McSkillet Burrito

    McDonald's Team Members with the McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Winner of the "Next Person Down the Slide Gets a Free Burrito" Contest
    A McDonald's Team Member Interviewing with FM Gold 105.5

    Listeners of KFMT Receiving Dr. Pepper Shirts at the Radio Remote

    The Morning DJ for FM Gold 105.5 Ready for Another Bite

    Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series
    McDonald's Team Members at the College World Series

    McSkillet Burrito Mobile on Display Down the Street from the College World Series

    McDonald's Team Members with the Meyers Carlisle Crew

    Meyers Carlisle Constuction Crew at the MP Dodge Building Site

    11330 W. Dodge Rd. McOpCo McDonald's Managers

    McOpCo Store Managers Inside the McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Ronald with more Workers at Jim Darmody's McDonald's
    A McDonald's Team Member with Ronald

    Ronald with the Morning Anchor at KOWT

    Ronald Feeding one of the Workers at WOWT- NBC Channel 6 in Omaha, NE

    Outside of KQBW & KXKT

    A Morning DJ Enjoys the New McSkillet Burrito

    Ronald at Station KQBW & KXKT - Clear Channel in Omaha, NE

    The Crew Members are Lovin' It

    Ronald Checks Out the Hood's Durabilty

    Ronald McDonald visits Jim Darmody's McDonald's
    McDonald's Team Members and Crew at Jim Darmody's McDonald's

    Jim Darmody's McDonald's - Omaha, NE
    A McDonald's Team Member at Waitt Radio - Omaha, NE

    Hot Boy, trying a new McSkillet Burrito

    Tour Stop at Waitt Radio - Omaha, NE

    Crew Members at Faye Hobley's McDonald's

    Tour Stop at KETV, ABC Channel 7- Hearst Argyle - Omaha, NE
    McDonald's Team Members with some of the crew at Tony Diez's McDonald's

    Back View of McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Another Side View of McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Front View of McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    Side View of McSkillet Burrito Mobile

    McDonald's Tests New McSkillet Burritos in Nebraska and Western Iowa

    With the introduction of Premium Roast Coffee made with 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection, McDonald's continues to enhance consumer's breakfast experience with exciting new menu additions. Beginning April 17, Nebraska-area McDonalds' customers can enjoy the made-to-order McSkillet Burrito, the newest breakfast sensation being tested at McDonald's restaurants in Nebraska and Western Iowa. A satisfying meal for breakfast eaters on-the-go, the new McSkillet Burrito is made to order with a flavor-filled combination of scrambled eggs, sausage, melted cheddar jack and American cheeses, flame-roasted red and green bell peppers, onions and seasoned skillet potatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla - a complete hand-held, portable breakfast. "The McSkillet Burrito features everyone's favorite breakfast items rolled into one, easy-to-eat, hand-held breakfast selection and is the perfect solution for folks who love a satisfying breakfast, but are rushed for time." said Ben Blackman, McDonald's representative. "This product test is an extension of McDonald's ongoing commitment to provide addition choice and variety to customers, offering a variety of quality, wholesome food options to encourage balanced, active lifestyles." The new McSkillet Burritos will retail for a suggested $2.49, or $3.79 as part of an Extra Value MealĀ®. Prices and participation may vary.